A Testimonial and Pre-Wedding Shoots...A Bride's Perspective

When Rock My Wedding said they would be featuring Emily and Pete's engagement shoot, I asked Emily if she would be happy to write about her experience of the engagement shoot and how she feels it is beneficial in terms of getting to know your photographer, and preparing for the wedding day. Little did I know how amazing and kind her write up would be! I was delighted to receive such a truly wonderful account of our day together and how happy Emily and Pete are with their photos. It really does mean the world to me! Emily's lovely write up was also included in their Rock My Wedding Feature.  Thank you so much Emily and Pete.

Until we got engaged and I started looking around for wedding ideas, I had never really heard of anyone having an engagement photo shoot. We both knew what kind of wedding style we didn't want, so I started reading wedding blogs for ideas and inspiration (kind of got a bit addicted as there is so much loveliness) and was blown away by all the amazing and stunning weddings other couples have created, and such variation! What stood out for me on most of these blogs though was the style of photography; these were not just photos of people at a wedding that I have seen a million times before, these images captured the moments, feelings, personality of the people in the pictures and beauty of the wedding - each picture a work of art, not just part of the process. I wanted something we could look back for years to come and remember every detail all over again.

After looking around at various photographers, we had two to decide between and chose Dominique because her images were really beautiful but also natural and felt they showed 'real' people. Through her website, Dominique also came across as a really nice, normal, and down-to-earth person who was really passionate about her work and wanted the couple's she worked with to have the best experience.

We booked our engagement shoot for early March, planning to use one of the images as our wedding invitations. Having spoke to Dominique a couple of times before she came all the way up north to Leeds, we knew a little of what to expect, although I (not so much Pete as he is the most laid back person ever!) was still a bit nervous as a photo shoot is not something I have ever done: have I worn the right clothes, have I got enough make up on, is my hair looking super windswept (which it did but I actually didn't mind this!) etc...and am one of those who doesn't really like any photo that I am in! However, as once we met Dominique and her husband, Samuel, soon felt at ease. They were both really lovely. Dominique gave us gentle direction and hints of how to stand as well as encouragement - I especially liked...'if I am not saying anything it's because it looks stunning already!'. All the while Samuel, clearly a very kind and supportive husband spent his Sunday off work holding our coats and bags (special mention of thanks here :)

We both had a lovely day, and thought it was totally not weird as I thought it was going to be! Obviously I had not seen the photos at this point but felt much happier anyway to have met Dominique before the wedding day as she was really easy to get on with and knew I would feel comfortable asking any questions if I need to. Having the engagement shoot has given a more personal touch as it now feels like our photographer is more of a friend who is coming to take photos rather than just someone who I have never met arriving at my hotel room on one of the most special days of my life.

I wasn't expecting to see the photos for at least a week so when I saw Dominique's post on Twitter about an engagement shoot pop up on my computer on the Tuesday morning...I actually got butterflies in my tummy with excitement/nervousness. But, wow! Apart from the engagement (obviously) I think this was the most excited I have ever been - I truly loved the photos! I sent the link straight over to Pete (as well as the girls in my office, my sister, and my best friends!). Pete loved them too, my sister actually emailed straight back and said 'Oh Emily, they are so beautiful I almost cried!'.

I am 100% confident now about the wedding photos, actually can't wait for them because I know they are going to be brilliant. As a worrier, this is the best thing for me, as I now have one less thing to think about whilst we plan the rest of the wedding - which includes MANY home-made crafty decorations, cake baking, possibly the randomest colour theme (i.e. no colour theme - of which I am slightly concerned about!), and the honeymoon still to book! So, thank you Dominique for your beautiful photos, making us look so good, and for my piece of mind :) Right, back to the bunting...

I offer engagement shoots in all of my wedding collections. So if you are a bride considering whether you would like an engagement shoot, I hope you find this helpful!

I also have an engagement shoot with one of my lovely May couples coming up this weekend, which will be up on the blog next week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx