A Testimonial ~ Vanessa & Andrew

I couldn't have been happier to receive this lovely message from Vanessa and Andrew. It left me with the biggest smile! It also sums up exactly why I love this job and just what it means to me, so thank you! xx

Absolutely incredible, just so beautiful! Overwhelmingly so....words can't describe... you got us so emotional!! You are a master story teller, master capturer of beautiful, emotional and unique, personal moments... THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!

The music is gorgeous and fits the images & the mood (and us!) so perfectly. So happy and thrilled at how beautiful the slideshow is, how amazing everything looks - our wedding looks so beautiful. Everyone is so happy and smiley, so wonderful to see everyone like that... and the photos are just amazing, perfect, they capture everything so wonderfully but much much much better than that.

This slideshow and these photographs top everything and anything we could have ever wished for or begun to imagine, this is an incredible gift - you are the best... thank you so much.