Lilian & Jimmy Expecting | Portrait Session at Home


It was lovely to have a chance to do something a little different; I loved the calm, slow pace of this at home session. Lilian & Jimmy were just fantastic together and I am grateful to have had the chance to document this special time in their life.

Expecting your child is a unique time in your life; the anticipation, the excitement and wonder of what is to come is wonderful. I remember it well. Wondering what your little person will look like, who they will grow up to be and what the feeling of being a new parent will be like. I like to think that these images will be a wonderful memory for your child to discover one day; to marvel at the fact they were inside that belly, and just how in love their parents are. 

Thank you to Lilian & Jimmy for entrusting me to capture this time for them. I will be continuing their story when I meet their little one in January for a newborn session! You can see more of my family work at Families by Dominique Bader.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year. I hope it is filled with cuddles, laughter & wonderful food, as all holiday periods should! xx