Ava Alessandra Fuller ~ 11 & 12 Weeks

I'm determined to capture every week of Ava's first year of life with the intention of making a beautiful matted album at the end of it. Not only for my family but also for Ava when she's older. I imagine her giggling as she flicks the pages, looking at herself in the photos. Looking back over the weeks, it's incredible just how much she's changing. It has to be the most exciting thing in the world, watching your child grow and develop, day by day, week by week.

I can honestly say, having Ava has just completed our lives and filled it with so much happiness. I feel eternally grateful and incredibly lucky to have both Samuel and Ava (our little family)! Looking at these pictures, I can hardly believe we made her! It seems so surreal sometimes!

I must say that Ava is starting to look so much like her Daddy. Of course she will continue to change, but at the moment, every time I look at her, I see my wonderful husband.