Ava Alessandra Fuller ~ First Trip to Our Home in St. Paul de Vence

Sitting with NanaAva is now 10 weeks old; I can't quite believe it! Time really flies when you have a little baby. Every day and night is an adventure, and Ava makes us feel so incredibly happy even if we are tired from the broken sleep! It's quite incredible how much laughter such a tiny little person can bring; everyday Ava does things to make us laugh and smile. Sometimes I even wish I could pause time so these precious months don't fly by so quickly.

These are a few images from our family home in St. Paul de Vence, France. My parents will soon be moving back to England to be near to us so this is our last visit to the villa. It's an extra special place as Samuel and I were married in this very home back in 2009. I feel very lucky to have my family and love them endlessly!

I still have many 2012 weddings to blog and am hoping to get around to it, although maternity leave is turning out to be rather busy with our little bundle! xx