Lara & Kjell | A Provence Wedding at Chateau Robernier








I'm not sure where to begin with this incredible three day wedding at the stunning Chateau de Robernier in Provence. The energy, the atmosphere, the laughter, the happiness; it was all in abundance and resulted in a truly wonderful three day wedding for Lara & Kjell. Their attention to detail and level of thought for all their guests was just amazing. I can only imagine that their guests had the time of their lives. Everywhere I looked guests were truly in the moment; laughing, hugging, kissing, dancing, eating, drinking, beaming. It was spectacular. Lara & Kjell chose to have an unplugged wedding (no phones, photos etc), and it made an enormous difference. Everyone was present, focused on the wonderful events around them, no distractions, just utter happiness and enjoyment. A perfect decision in my opinion!

Lara & Kjell value and appreciate photography; it is incredibly important to them and as a result, I felt hugely privileged to have been chosen to document their wedding, after what, Lara described to be an extensive search for her perfect photographer! No pressure on me then...! Upon receiving their images, Lara sent me a wonderful message... "I have absolutely no words for how perfect they are. I literally don't know how to describe this feeling right now..we are beyond happy. My face hurts from smiling from ear to ear. There were some tears too, but mostly just plain happiness. Everybody looks so happy in the photos, our guests gave us the perfect weekend, and you managed to make the feeling last a lifetime. Thank you" This is all I can hope for, and means the world to me. I am truly grateful for the couples who trust me to document their day.

The beautiful flowers were by Laetitia C, an amazing florist whom I have worked with before. 

Lastly I want to thank Nicki Drab for being a second shooter on this wedding. My best bud and incredible side kick. She brings so much to the day, as many of my clients will attest to! I love you! And lastly, my ever patient, beautiful, husband Samuel for assisting, lugging bags, and sacrificing his own holiday days from work as a paramedic to support me, as he has done for the past 12 years that we have been together, and  the 7 years of running my business. What can I say? I'm pretty darn lucky. 

The wedding season has been busy and I only wish there were more minutes and hours in the day to share all I have been shooting...have a great weekend everyone, I will, of course, be at a wedding! xxx