Coming Soon ~ Nikki & Matt's Winter Wedding

I'm very excited to share Nikki and Matt's absolutely stunning winter wedding. It was elegant, chic, cozy, warm, beautiful, and full of love. Just like Nikki and Matt. There is lots I want to say about their wedding and about what a special couple they are, but I shall save that for the full post. Here is just a little teaser of their day.

A big thank you to Nikki and Matt for taking such good care of Samuel and me, for the amazing meal, for being so lovely to us and for being such a pleasure to work with. Nikki braved the seriously bitter temperatures and looked incredible while doing so! xx

In the middle of the ceremony, just as Nikki and Matt took their vows, the sun came out; it shone through a window directly onto Nikki, just like a spotlight. I think you'll agree that Nikki is a timeless beauty.

undefinedNikki and Matt's details and wedding decor were absolutely impeccable. They perfectly balanced chic, elegant and beautiful details, with a cozy, winter and Christmassy feel. I shall save the shots for the full post, but I loved this little message they had next to their Wishing Tree. undefinedI have one more wedding to go before the close of 2011 then it's time for Christmas celebrations, my amazing apple crumble, and my Mum's incredible Christmas dinner. I can't wait! Feel free to leave some congratulatory love for Nikki and Matt! xx