Coming Soon...Vanessa & Andrew's Swiss Wedding

I've really gotten to know Vanessa and Andrew since they booked me for their wedding earlier this year. We clicked from the first time we spoke; we're all International School kids with funny accents! There is something so incredibly special about Vanessa and Andrew; they fit together in the most amazing way. When you see them together they are just so much a part of each other. Vanessa and Andrew were so wonderful to Samuel and me during our time in Switzerland; they really made us feel welcome, including us in their wedding, and inviting us to chill out with friends at their place in the run up to the wedding. We had the loveliest breakfast with them the morning after the wedding and I couldn't be more grateful for everything over the weekend.

I had such an amazing time with Vanessa, Andrew and their family and friends; I felt as though I was photographing my own wedding. It was one of the most wonderful weekends. I couldn't be happier for them both. There's lots more to share in the full post when it's ready! Lots of love from Samuel and me xx

Vanessa's expression in the photo below just sums up her wonderful personality and the way she looked for the whole of her wedding day!undefinedIt didn't just rain during their wedding, it poured and poured until dark. But Vanessa and Andrew couldn't have been happier on their wedding day and it didn't bother them in the slightest. They actually had to console me because I couldn't do the photos that I had planned all around their venue the day before! We managed about five minutes of photos before the rain became so heavy that we were all becoming drenched. These two were just so happy that they didn't let it dampen their spirits at all! undefinedThis wedding was about everything a wedding should be about. Love, family and friends. That's all you need at the end of the day. x