A Testimonial | Linsey & Nick


I have neither enough space nor the superlatives to wax lyrical about this lady…… My photographer Dominique Bader. I spent some time looking at photographers as for me photographs are everything in capturing moments and feelings. Sama also helped me in this area but only with making recommendations in what she thought I’d like. Dominique was one of those recommendations. I loved her work on her website as to me it looks like high end editorial, romantic photos. I went to meet the beautiful Dominique at her beautiful home when I was 7 months pregnant with Florence. I did not look like a bride in waiting I can assure you……. Dominique showed me her work and I was blown away. 

I chose Dominique as my photographer almost immediately after that meeting. She was over my budget that I’d set aside for photos but take note ladies & gents – she was worth every penny……..I wanted voyeur photographs in the main; I wasn’t a fan of staged moments and was adamant I wasn’t going to have any. We talked about how it would all look and she wasn’t afraid to say to me that I should consider some group photographs. She was sooooo right. Dominique and her lovely assistant Nicky took amazing photos of my day both captured and staged moments. I loved it that she was able to tell me that I might like to look at things a little differently and not be so closed in my idea. She also listened to me though and took it on board when I said I didn’t want pictures of Nick and I kissing as we’re just not that kind of couple. She’s also a brilliant personality as she makes you feel at ease all the time. Not everyone likes having their photo taken – my husband is one of them. (Karl Pilkington takes lessons from my husband in how to be a misog – he’s very funny though, I’m talking about my husband). Not with Dominique….. He was like a changed man, he was positively enjoying himself, posing away thinking he was some poor man’s David Beckham (more like Dave from Peckham). 

I’m a lucky woman as I have beautiful high end photographs of me wearing a beautiful dress, with my husband and 2 children. In years a long time from now, my children will look at them and have these to treasure. That’s all because of Dominique and her genius and I can’t recommend her enough to any future wives and husbands who are getting married.

This wedding was planned and styled by the very talented of Sama of Utterly Wow. I am very grateful to Sama for recommending me to her clients and to Linsey and Nick for these incredibly kind words. They mean so much to me.