Hannah & Keith's Story | Dodford Manor Wedding


Everything about this wedding made me smile. Hannah & Keith are a brilliant couple; completely in love and incredible fun to be around. They are a perfect match in every way; you can just see it in the way they look at each other and how affectionate they are. You may remember them from their engagement shoot HERE. Everyone at this wedding was, quite simply, having the best time and it really does show. The energy was fantastic. It was my first time shooting at Dodford Manor and oh how lucky we were with the autumnal light. Just magical in every way. 

Keith is a graphic designer and he did all the stationary himself. It looked wonderful. As did the stunning pops of yellow. I loved everything about this day and feel so lucky to work with couples like Hannah & Keith. Upon receiving their images, Hannah sent me the most wonderful feedback (thanks Hannah)! These kinds of testimonials mean the world to me. They keep me inspired and remind me why I am so lucky to do this "job". 

"Best welcome home gift ever! Oh my gosh Dominique. Keith and I have just sat and watched the whole slideshow and laughed and cried so much. It's so good to see the wedding through your eyes. You've captured so many amazing moments which we missed. Everyone looks so beautiful and happy! Our portraits are stunning. We hope you're as happy with them as we are. Thanks again for all your hard work, care and love over these. You really have captured the day perfectly."

Thank you to Emily for being my usual super star assistant. It was our last wedding together and I'm going to miss her. 

Two more weddings to shoot before the end of 2016; what a year it has been. I'm still catching up on editing some recent portrait shoots; it can feel like you're chasing your tail sometimes! xx