Featured on Rock My Wedding and a Lovely Testimonial

I am thrilled to have Emily and Pete's stunning wedding featured on Rock My Wedding. I love this blog; it's full of seriously lovely inspiration for brides planning their wedding. I absolutely loved photographing Emily and Pete's wedding and feel very lucky to have this wonderful wedding and all of Emily's hard work featured on Rock My Wedding. The feature is in two parts. You can see Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Emily has started a crafts business and it really is worth a taking a look at. If you are a bride planning your wedding and would like that DIY/homemade touch, or if you just like unique gift ideas, do check out Emily's site. It can be found HERE. I'm so pleased Emily has started this little business; she's such a talented lady and her bunting is second to none! Do check out Emily's handiwork, she's a serious talent with that sewing machine! Emily also puts so much love and care into everything she does and I wish her all the best with her new venture.

Emily also wrote an amazing testimonial for me, which you can read below.

We knew the style of photography we liked so after looking at the photos on Dominique website, I contacted her. We had a pre-wedding shoot with Dominique in March which was brilliant! We spend most of the day in various locations around Leeds getting our photo taken. The pre-wedding shoot was so good as it was lovely to meet Dominique and her husband Samuel before the big day, get used to having our photos taken professionally, but also to get an idea of what the photos would come out like – and I was so happy because they were beautiful and gorgeous but still looked like us. After that I had absolutely no worries about the wedding photos (I was actually looking forward to them!) The pre-wedding shoot was featured on RMW so you can read more about it here: http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/addicted-to-love/

Both Dominique and Samuel were professional, polite, friendly, considerate, and made our guest feel at ease when getting their photo taken. You can absolutely tell that Dominique genuinely loves her job and cares about the couple. I had a number of comments actually on the day about how brilliant and nice she was.

As for the photos, they are just perfect, really natural and tell the whole day from start to finish. I think she has captured it how it was completely – the style, the atmosphere, the people, and the feelings. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Family, friends and colleagues who have seen them have actually said they are the best photos they have ever seen, and I have even told her that words can’t describe how happy I am with them!

undefinedundefined I have lots of good stuff coming your way on the blog; including beautiful weddings and engagement shoots. It's a really busy time at the moment so I'm working hard to keep the blog updated with lots of wonderful shoots! xx