Introducing Ava Alessandra Fuller ~ Week One

Our beautiful daughter, Ava Alessandra Fuller, was born on the 21st December 2012 at 10:50am. She shares the same birthday as my Dad/her Grandaddy. We like to think she was his 60th birthday present. We are completely in love with her. She has completed our lives and our family.

Samuel documented Ava's birth and together we have been photographing the days as they go by. Here are some photos. A few were taken by me, but many were shot by Samuel.

Ava was born by caesarean section; it wasn't the birth I had hoped for, and the recovery has been hard and painful, but in the end, all that matters is that she arrived safe and sound...and screaming! The shot below is the first time I saw her.I wanted to have skin to skin with Ava straight away. It's the most precious experience and allowed her to start breastfeeding straight away. With Daddy.

With Grandaddy Bader.

With Nana Bader.

The maternity nurse gave Ava her first bath.

Back at home.

Ava will soon be meeting her other Grandparents, family and friends. I hope to regularly share photos of the coming weeks. It's only been 11 days, but it's already been an adventure. Sleep is a thing of the past!

I also want to wish all of my clients, friends and family a happy new year! I am currently on maternity leave but will be back shooting weddings in the late spring/early summer! xx