Love in Black and White...Merry Christmas Everyone!

Another year has flown by and I can't quite believe it's Christmas again. Christmas is my favourite time of year because for me it's about being with the ones you love. I couldn't imagine being anywhere but at my parents' home in France with my Mum, Dad, Samuel and our golden retriever Toffee. We all chip in and make Christmas dinner together and believe me when I tell you it's a true feast of trouser button popping proportions. I don't think we should ever underestimate the importance of spending time with our family; life is too short after all.

As this holiday period is all about the loved ones in your life, I thought I would share a black and white series of couples portraits I've taken recently. These first ones were taken at a shootswap in Bristol organised by Rosie Parsons. Unfortunately, Samuel and I missed our train so we arrived a bit late and I didn't get to photograph as many couples, but it didn't matter because it was such an amazing day and we had such a great time catching up with everyone.

This is Shella of Shell de Mar Photography and her husband Derek. You may remember them from this post; they are always a blast in front of the camera.

This is Antonina Mamzenko and her husband Serhiy. They are such a lovely, warm couple and I am so excited for their new arrival next year;) Can't wait for all the baby pics!

And now my wonderful Mum and Dad; the heart and soul of Christmas! Every year my Mum makes Christmas so special and she cooks the best roast potatoes in the world. They just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. I love them very much and am so grateful for their continual support in my life.

I'll end with a shot of Samuel because he is simply everything to me and I couldn't imagine a Christmas without him!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love; it truly is the best time of year! Feel free to comment below and have a lovely week everyone. xx