Lovely Features and A Testimonial

There are lots of weddings and engagement shoots coming soon to the blog, but in the mean time I thought I would share a few recent features! The first is Charlotte and Ben's Engagement Shoot which was featured on Rock My Wedding. I just loved this shoot; Charlotte and Ben are so much fun and such a great couple! You can see the full feature on Rock My Wedding HERE.

I also thought I would share their lovely testimonial about their engagement shoot. If you would like to read more then head over to Rock My Wedding for the full feature HERE.

Ben's kind words (extracted from the feature) ~ Next on the team sheet was our photographer – they had to be able to represent us and be someone who could take photos that we could look back on in years to come and still be proud of. Charlotte soon found ‘Rock My Wedding’ and searched for about three weeks solid for other photographers from around the UK. Many were good and some were special, but most were not really us. We narrowed it down to four, and then I saw Dominique Bader’s work and that was it, there was nobody else I wanted to take our photos but her. We made contact and luckily she was free for our date in February. The next ball was rolling. However, I wasn’t quite sure about the ‘engagement shoot’, the idea seemed a little corny to me but when Dominique reassured us that it would be a great opportunity to get to know her so that we’d have less nerves on the big day, I came round.

Unsure of the location, we took inspiration from the photos that led us to choose Dominique and on her recommendation, ended up travelling to Richmond Park to go for the natural and unpretentious scenery that we thought suited our personalities. Dominique made us feel so relaxed and knew exactly how to realise the brief that we gave her. The weather was really on our side following a quick shower, the light shone down from high above and Dominique captured brilliance. Any couple who wants a great photographer, I couldn’t recommend Dominique highly enough.

Charlotte's kind words ~ Straight away we knew we didn’t want a traditional wedding and that’s when Rock My Wedding became a daily basis. Even though we are on a budget we didn’t want to compromise on the photography, and we both liked the idea of an engagement shoot! We had a list of photographer we liked but when we came across Emily and Pete wedding (on RMW), Ben said “ok darling, stop looking we found our wedding photographer”! As we both work in schools we wanted to have our engagement shoot before the end of the summer holidays, and Ben wanted to be somewhere outdoor with nice pretty meadows flowers. (Yes, he can be a bit of a girly boy!)  Dominique thought of Richmond park and she couldn’t have choose a better location! On the shoot Dominique direct us without being pushy and was so passionate about the light that it became really funny and we was a brilliant afternoon forgetting  all about the camera!

When I received the email of Dominique with the photos of the day I was jumping around, I really love them! They are better that what I could have wished for, thank you so much Dominique!

I have also had an image from Emily and Pete's beautiful wedding featured as Picture of the Day on The Wedding Community. You can see the feature HERE.

Things have been very busy at the moment but I have lots of full wedding posts to share soon, as well as more lovely engagement shoots, all starting next week! Have a lovely weekend everyone! x