My Little Ava Alessandra Fuller ~ Four & Five Months

I think I've mentioned before that I'm working on a photo project for Ava. It's a 52 week album, where each spread will represent each week of her first year. I've been aiming to document her everyday life, as I think she will love looking back on it when she's older and it will be a lovely reminder for us.  The shot above and below is nappy changing time!Ava is changing all the time, but people generally say that she has my eyes but looks like Samuel.Ava loves her Fisher Price Jumperoo. She can just about touch the floor now, but we needed to use a cushion at first!I absolutely love carrying Ava on me. I know she's only going to be little for such a short time, and so I am going to enjoy holding her close to me for as long as possible. I really like the Ergobaby Carrier (pictured here). All the weight is taken by your hips rather than your back so I find it very comfortable. All photos with me are taken by Samuel.In May we took Ava to meet some of her Daddy's side of the family. It was a long drive to Yorkshire but she got to meet her GREAT Grandparents. Ava loved sitting on their laps and having cuddles. I think it's rather special that she has Great Grandparents; I have no Grandparents left and I know they would have adored her. These are Samuel's Grandparents on his Dad's side.She's loving rattles now. Although she tries to fit them in her mouth, which is rather amusing to watch. Until you have a child I don't think you can really understand just how much joy your child's smile brings to your day to day life. I can honestly say that when she looks at me and smiles I feel completely overwhelmed with love and happiness for this little person. The joy she brings is immeasurable and impossible to put into words.At the moment Ava permanently has either her thumb, fingers or whole fist in her mouth. My smiley girl, I love her so.So that is Ava from four to five months. As I keep saying, time is flying by in the most scary way, and so I'm always trying to capture little snippets of her and us. Being a Mother is the most wonderful thing I've ever done; it's brought so much happiness to my life. It really is quite extraordinary.

Watching Ava becoming the person she is going to be is remarkable; her little personality is already developing and we know all of her little quirks. Ava has really discovered how to use her voice; she has many different squeals and she loves to shout at the top of her lungs whilst you chat to her. She laughs intensely at her Daddy, especially when he makes funny noises and tickles her neck! She adores music and sits on her Daddy's lap for ages listening to different songs before falling asleep on his arm. She always smiles, without fail, when she sees my Mum and Dad and loves doing Incey Wincey Spider with my Mum. When she's really upset, me feeding her is the only thing that calms her. She loves her food and never refuses it. When she wakes up in the morning she greets me with the biggest smile and I bring her into bed with me so we can snuggle before the day begins. She loves to be in our arms all the time; and doesn't like to be put down very much. Although, she's rather heavy now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you Ava for all the love, joy, and smiles you bring. You enrich our lives and your Grandparents' lives everyday. We are so grateful to have you. x