Our Exciting News & What's in Store!

Yes that's right; Samuel and I are expecting our first baby! After 7 years together and 3 years of marriage, we couldn't be more excited to be extending our little family. The excitement and joy we feel is just incredible! Our families are beyond excited and would you believe, Samuel's older brother is also expecting a baby with his wife! There are only 8 weeks between us, so Samuel's parents are going to get double the fun!

I am currently just over 3 months and our little one is due on the 10th Jan, although babies rarely arrive on their due date. So what does this mean for my business? Well, I am hoping to continue to build Dominique Bader Photography and shoot many more wonderful weddings. Fortunately for us, the timing worked out so perfectly, that I will still be able to shoot ALL of the weddings I have booked for this year, which is great. So no concerns are necessary if you are getting married this year. Also, I will still be shooting ALL of the weddings I have currently booked in for next year. None of these have clashed with baby's arrival, so no cause for concern there either! I have suffered quite a bit with morning sickness (whoever said it was "morning" sickness was lying as it lasts all day!), which I think, fingers crossed is starting to subside, so I really appreciate your patience if I have been a bit slower with emails etc than usual. I've been trying to take a bit more care of myself at the moment, which isn't always easy when running your own business. It's also why the blog has been a bit quiet of late; I'm hoping to rectify this as soon as I can.

This is a perfect time to thank my incredible husband. I have this little habit of saying to Samuel everyday "you're my hero". Because, well, he is my hero. I always feel, safe, secure, taken care of and loved, every second of every day, pregnant or not pregnant. But he has gone above and beyond to take care of baby and me while I have felt beyond ill at some points. He even cycled to Busaba Eathai on Old Street one night, because I had to have Thai, and it HAD to be from Busaba Eathai! He's also been on mad hunts around all the Islington supermarkets for Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice-Cream, which no one seems to stock. It's the best! That's love eh!

I currently have a few spring weddings booked in from April 2013 onwards, and I do still have some availability for the spring, but I will only be taking on a few more weddings between April and July 2013, as this is still a semi-maternity leave for me. I will then be resuming a more typical booking schedule from June 2013 onwards. If you are getting married next year, from April onwards then do please get in touch as soon as possible as I will not be taking as many weddings next year as I have this year! I am looking forward to continuing to build up my business and meet many more wonderful couples, as well as embark on the epic journey of becoming a Mum!

I will keep you all updated with how it's going! And to all of my 2012 couples, it has been great getting to know you all and thank you for your patience and support during this exciting time. xx