Amy & Paul's Story | A Casa Cornacchi Wedding


This was my second time shooting at Casa Cornacchi in Tuscany and the whole team there took such good care of us. Weddings at Casa Cornacchi have a relaxed, intimate and homely feel and I believe that is what makes it special. Along with the incredible Tuscan views and food of course! The pizza I had was the best I've ever eaten...we could hardly move afterwards.

Amy & Paul really took the time and effort to ensure that the day was not only personal and representative of them as a couple but an experience for their guests. There was a wine tasting, pizza dinner, endless gelato and an intimate and personal ceremony conducted by Paul's sister. It was a joy to capture all the emotion at this wedding; you could see how much everyone meant to each other and that is ultimately the most rewarding element of a wedding to document. The whole event was wonderful; I laughed constantly and felt I was a guest myself. I am so grateful to Amy and Paul for taking such good care of us, including us and inviting us to everything and feeding us the best Italian food! I am so pleased you love your photos!  

This was my first time working alongside Brian of Wilmott Productions. Brian is a very talented videographer and it was a pleasure to work with him. He was so discreet and easygoing! Do check out his work; he shoots all over the world but is based in the USA.

I have shot many destination weddings over the years and continue to do so every year. I am looking forward to two weddings in France coming up soon!


Sophie & Simon ~ A Tuscan Wedding

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The atmosphere at this wedding was truly wonderful; everyone had spent the weekend together and so there was such a lovely, intimate feel to the day. Sophie & Simon had thought of so many lovely touches and details; everything looked stunning, but it was the happiness and laughter at this wedding which made it truly special.

I had the most incredible time documenting this wedding. Sophie & Simon trusted me completely and let me do my thing. I couldn't have asked for a more lovely couple to work with. A big thank you to Sophie & Simon for everything over their wedding weekend and I am over the moon that you love your photos. I received the most wonderful email from Sophie & Simon this morning; it left me grinning from ear to ear and really made my day. Making my couples happy and receiving their wonderful feedback is why I do this job and why I love it so much.

Wishing this lovely couple all the best for their future together!

Next up on the blog will be Annie & Kevin's intimate London wedding, as well as Hannah & Ben's Hampstead Heath engagement shoot. xx