My Story

Within minutes of meeting me, people nearly always ask where I’m from. You see, although I’m English, I have a rather unique accent; it’s a little bit American, a little bit English with a few Northern bits and bobs thrown in (thanks to my husband); it is quite simply, pretty hard to place. I see it as a rather special reminder of my globetrotting childhood; spanning three continents, five countries, five schools, and a London university, before putting roots down in St. Albans (a lovely Hertfordshire city just outside of London). Though somewhat nomadic, we did settle for nine years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is where I grew up and is in large part where I call home. It will forever have my heart and the best of my childhood memories. This globetrotting did leave me somewhat homeless, geographically speaking, so family was and is my home; wherever they are, that is my home, and it is this sense of family and roots which is at the heart of my wedding photography and inspires my storytelling. At that time, my family was simply my Mum, Dad, and myself, as well as the odd canine sibling; a tight knit team tackling lots of rocky roads and challenges together, and becoming true friends along the way, until luck would bring me to Samuel at a mere 19 years of age, and that is where the next chapter of my story began. 

Flash forward eleven years on and here we are, married and parents to the

most, joyful, energetic, witty, intelligent and wildly individual little person I could ever hope to meet; our darling Ava, AKA, the Bean, Bubs, Pudding, Peach…the list goes on. We were married in an outdoor ceremony in the South of France, at my then family home, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, golden sunshine, beautiful olive trees, and fantastic food. Being a true homebody and a sentimental person at heart, it was only fitting that I would choose to hold our wedding at home. I loved every second of our wedding, and looking back, it still remains one of the two best days of my life (the other being the day my daughter was born), and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Flash forward a little bit more and I am now living my dream as a photographer.

I actually have to thank my husband for my photography career. Several years ago, I mentioned to Samuel that I wanted to take photos, that I may want more than a point and shoot camera, and that I was really interested in photography…a few months went by and Samuel surprised me with a camera for Christmas. I started taking photographs; my Dad, a keen amateur photographer, showed me the ropes, and it quickly became so much more than a hobby. True to my nature, it became a real passion and I desperately wanted to be a wedding photographer. And so the next chapter of the story

unfolded…it was with this passion, obsession and true love for photography that I built this business from a little dream to where it is today, all with the help of Samuel and my parents, which makes it all the more special. For the first five years, Samuel was by my side, building this business with me, whilst my parents were in the background supporting us both to build this dream. I have to thank Ava too, because becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to my photography. It has reinforced and inspired my passion for creating heirlooms, for telling stories through beautiful and timeless imagery, stories full of love, family and relationships; heirlooms that are not just for my couples, but also for their families, and for the future generations to come. This inspires me on a daily basis, and this underpins everything I love about wedding photography and this wonderful job of mine. I am also privileged enough to continue my couples' stories when they go on to have children of their own, and I love capturing families with the same passion and signature style I strive for in my wedding photography.

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These three photographs are very special to me; the image on the far left is my Mum and Dad as a young couple in Boscastle, Cornwall. When I was a toddler, they returned to the same spot. And just recently, we returned with Ava, the very much-loved third generation of our family. Sadly the boat was destroyed in a storm, but the cafe is still standing - and it meant a lot to capture us all in the spot where our story began.