Sophie & Simon ~ A Tuscan Wedding

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The atmosphere at this wedding was truly wonderful; everyone had spent the weekend together and so there was such a lovely, intimate feel to the day. Sophie & Simon had thought of so many lovely touches and details; everything looked stunning, but it was the happiness and laughter at this wedding which made it truly special.

I had the most incredible time documenting this wedding. Sophie & Simon trusted me completely and let me do my thing. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely couple to work with. A big thank you to Sophie & Simon for everything over their wedding weekend and I am over the moon that you love your photos. I received the most wonderful email from Sophie & Simon this morning; it left me grinning from ear to ear and really made my day. Making my couples happy and receiving their wonderful feedback is why I do this job and why I love it so much.

Wishing this lovely couple all the best for their future together!

Next up on the blog will be Annie & Kevin’s intimate London wedding, as well as Hannah & Ben’s Hampstead Heath engagement shoot. xx

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Thank you for the kind words Dominique. As you know, these photos really took our breath away. And how surreal it is to see our faces on your blog! I’m a little bit starstruck…! 😉 x


Wow. Am genuinely lost for words. This has to be your best ever, Dominique, and that’s saying something… They took MY breath away, so I can only imagine how Sophie & Simon felt! Magical job. xx


Definitely her best work ever Hester…and I’m sure I’m not biased in the slightest! 😉 We were utterly blown away. She is a wonder. x

Nicola Dunn

Wow!! Some pretty special moments captured here!!! LOVE everything about this wedding and these pictures!! Stunning in every way xx


I cannot disagree that this is one of your best ever sets of images, every one a winner and so many special moments captured perfectly. And Sophie’s really lovely feedback put the icing on top and made us all very proud of you as always! Dad X

nicola daniel

absolutely BEYOND gorgeous – top work from Dominique, Sophie and Simon. I can totally fill the love and laughs falling off my screen – every shot here is sweet perfection xxx

john cecchini

Hi, this is sophies dad. thank you so much dominique for capturing the real essence of sophie & simons day. we are all blown away with such a stunning collection of photographs.
outstanding and wonderful, we will enjoy them for ever. x

Essex Photographer

Absolutely beautiful photography so emotional and elegant, totally love the black and white photos.

I am sure the couple and generations to come will love these images as much as there wedding day.


Absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful setting and celebration, and you have captured it perfectly. I love the filmic quality of your images.

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