Vanessa & Andrew

“Absolutely incredible, just so beautiful! Overwhelmingly so....words can’t describe... you got us so emotional!! You are a master story teller, master capturer of beautiful, emotional and unique, personal moments... THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!
The music is gorgeous and fits the images & the mood (and us!) so perfectly. So happy and thrilled at how beautiful the slideshow is, how amazing everything looks - our wedding looks so beautiful. Everyone is so happy and smiley, so wonderful to see everyone like that... and the photos are just amazing, perfect, they capture everything so wonderfully but much much much better than that. This slideshow and these photographs top everything and anything we could have ever wished for or begun to imagine, this is an incredible gift - you are the best... thank you so much.”


Maia & Dom

“What can I say... You left us speechless! Needless to say we all cried (mostly Dom and mom) with the photos, we've seen them about fifteen times and had a family viewing on the big screen. I can't express the joy these photos give us, we will have them forever and show our kids. My mom said it best when she said you captured the feel of the day perfectly; the mood and people's energy. What's amazing is that my adrenaline and nerves were so high that I have fuzzy parts throughout the day, and your photos have helped me piece in the pockets of time I've been missing! We couldn't have chosen a better photographer, we are thrilled.

Your black and white photos really struck me, your colour ones are so special too, the colours are very very beautiful. My parents in law saw them and told me this was the best gift we've ever given them, it has meant so much to our family. The pictures look so so timeless, some of them could have been taken 100 years ago! And that's exactly what we wanted. It is the best gift we could have given to ourselves I can't express how lucky we are to have worked with you."


Sophie & Simon

“Dominique, what can I say? We are utterly blown away. Watching this slideshow, we have cried, laughed and otherwise grinned like Cheshire cats all the way through. I cannot begin to tell you how much we love them. You have captured some truly beautiful moments. Your eye is incredible... how do you do that?? Even Simon, the hater of every photograph ever taken of him, loves them. I knew they would be good, but you have honestly surpassed every expectation. They are sensational.

I showed my parents and wanted to share a few of their words with you: “she has captured the essence of the day 100%...I feel like I’m right back there when I look at them...I’ve never seen such beautiful photographs...Dominique is a genius, she’s clearly at the top of her game”. You have had my parents in tears all day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will cherish them forever."


Emily & Pete

“You can absolutely tell that Dominique genuinely loves her job and cares about the couple. I had a number of comments actually on the day about how brilliant and nice she was.

As for the photos, they are just perfect, really natural and tell the whole day from start to finish. I think she has captured it how it was completely – the style, the atmosphere, the people, and the feelings. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Family, friends and colleagues who have seen them have actually said they are the best photos they have ever seen, and I have even told her that words can’t describe how happy I am with them!"


Hannah & Ben

“So we sat down this evening to watch the slide show... and both cried. All the emotions of the day, so beautifully captured, came flooding back. I never knew Ben was such a weeper until we got married!! Then Ben went to work and I watched it again! I knew the photos were going to be great, but honestly - we look like something out of a magazine! To us, our day was perfect, but that fact that you have managed to capture it in a way that means we will be able to live it again and again means so much. I spent 2 years planning all these little details and in the end what we loved about the day far more than the flowers, the decorations, the setting was the laughter and tears (in equal abundance!); the day went so fast and was such a blur of adrenalin that there is no way we would have been able to take this away with us and remember is in years to come without your stunning documentation of the day. I'd like to tell you which ones are my favourites - but I'd be typing for ages! Really - thank you SO much. In addition you and Samuel were just lovely to have around. We are so grateful."


Ellie & Luke

“Oh my goodness me! They are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! I am totally amazed, I had forgotten so much of the day, so many of the details and it was just a treat to watch the day back. Luke and I did exactly as you suggested got comfy with a cup of tea and a few biscuits and let it play. I just love them, you are so talented and captured the emotions of the day perfectly. I can't imagine having anyone else there to share those special moments with us and capture them is such a beautiful way. I know Luke and myself are both so very grateful and we will be in touch soon to organise photo album (it is going to take me while to pick my favourites!) I am going to need to find special occasions to hire you for more photos now, I am in love with your work!"


A & A

“When I first saw Dominique’s blog there was something about her photographs that spoke to me; it was not so much the romantic scenery, the beautiful wedding details or the lovely colours, but the way she captured the emotion of the day and the love between the couples she had photographed.

The minute we met I felt certain that she would be perfect to photograph our intimate wedding. I was impressed by her positive energy, her enthusiasm, her sensitivity, and her passion for wedding photography. She was also very considerate and very thorough, going through every little detail to make sure everything would be exactly as we wanted.

On the day of our wedding she was extremely professional but also friendly and warm. She made us feel at ease with the camera and with her and allowed us to be ourselves and enjoy every minute of our special day! Her directions felt more like a friend’s suggestions and she even managed to make us forget about the icy cold weather! Even though we didn’t know each other it felt like we were in the presence of friends.

We were delighted when we saw our pictures! We absolutely loved them! They were beautiful, timeless and elegant, but also very “us”, capturing exactly how we felt on the day of our wedding and the way we feel about each other!  Even though I have looked at the pictures a hundred times I still have a hard time picking out favourites; but every time I look at them I can’t help smiling because this is exactly how I remember our wedding day, everything we felt is right there.

I would recommend Dominique to anyone planning to get married. And it is not just about her talent and professionalism; her lovely personality and her love for what she does is reflected in her work and this is what makes it- and her- special.

Dominique, we are truly grateful for the wonderful pictures and we will treasure them forever! Thank you…"


Vikki & Scott

“We were so happy to find Dominique and that she was able to photograph our wedding. We had really struggled to find someone whose photographs were the right mix of beautiful, relaxed and timeless. When I met Dominique it just reinforced that she was the one for us. She was warm, honest and really confident about her style of photographing weddings which really helped as we had seen so many wonderful wedding pictures it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the sort of pictures you want.

On the wedding day Dominique was amazing; she was non-intrusive, and really fitted the photographs around our day which meant we could relax and have fun with them. We are so pleased with our wedding pictures, they are stunning, personal and really capture the whole day. I love to look back at the pictures of our guests and the smiles on everyones faces as the day itself goes by in such a rush. We would recommend Dominique without hesitation to any of our friends, they would be lucky to have her” 


bethany & simon

“Dominique, I'm in floods of tears. I have no words. I can't tell you how special seeing those photos for the first time was. Your talent is absolutely unbelievable. Thank you for capturing the pure joy, love and sheer happiness on the day. I can't put that into words!"