My Approach

I believe your images are more than photos of your wedding, they are a window into your life, the story of who you are, and the relationships which brought you to this moment. Your images should bring you back to those moments, to how you felt and to the people you love. These photographs are not just for you, they are an heirloom which will bring alive your story to the generations to come, connecting you to your loved ones long after you are gone, and reminding them that your story was also the beginning of theirs. Your images are the story of your past, your present and the promise of your future - they are to last a lifetime.

"Dominique is able to take pictures that are not only beautiful, timeless and elegant; most importantly she is able to get to the true ‘heart’ of important moments like these. We honestly could not have hoped for anything better!"


My style brings a beautiful, elegant and timeless aesthetic to documentary photography, through a combination of soft colours, rich black and white imagery, beautiful light and elegant composition. I seek to tell your story, both authentically and beautifully. I strive to capture the little moments and details which could be so easily missed in the fast paced moments of your wedding. Other than some gentle direction during your family photos (if you choose to have them), and portraits of you together, to ensure these are natural, romantic and beautiful, I do not stage any aspect of your wedding. I want you to soak in, savour and enjoy every moment of your wedding day without ever having to worry about posing for the camera. I capture the stories and moments as they naturally unfold; never staged or scripted, just honest and real. I love to combine this storytelling approach with natural, intimate and heartfelt portraits of you together, leaving you with a meaningful and personal heirloom, crafted to stand the test of time, and forever bring alive your day to the people you love.

"We don’t have enough positive words for our experience with Dominique as our photographer. She managed to capture all of the magic and the emotion we felt in such a beautiful way. Every photo is like a thoughtful piece of art. As well as being a lovely, calming person to have around she somehow managed to be everywhere at the right time. The key thing which comes through in her photos is the emotion. She managed to catch split second expressions and the photos really do show all of the joy of the day."

—Emma & Adam