Nicki & Molly | Hampstead Heath


Oh my these girls are beautiful together. Nicki is my best friend; I've known her half my life. We've been through high school and university together, lived together, she was there the first time I met my husband, she saw me get married and now she helps me in my business. She's one of the few people in the whole world who makes me laugh until I'm crying happy tears. It doesn't matter how many years pass by, I simply love her company.

I am so incredibly happy that she has found Molly, and to see her this happy and so in love is just wonderful. Nicki loves passionately and intensely, she gives her whole heart to her partner, and I do hope this comes through in the images. This kind of shoot inspires me; I just love capturing authentic, intimate, timeless, passionate and romantic images. 


Mackenzie Family | At Home Newborn Session


Being a parent myself and experiencing just how quickly time flies, and dare I say, just how quickly you forget so many of those little details, the fleeting expressions and life changing moments, I really do believe having photos of this special time is something you will never regret. I promise you that one day, your little four year old, will sit on your laptop, eyes full of wonder, holding your hands, as they revel in just how tiny they were and how their cute little bum rested so neatly in the palm of you hand. Never underestimate just how beautifully photographs can preserve your memories and pass them on to future generations. Family photography is a true extension of my wedding photography business, in every respect, and I feel lucky to be chosen by my couples and family clients. 

After photographing Lilian and Jimmy's maternity shoot, I was so looking forward to continuing their story with their newborn session at home. I love doing newborn sessions in the family home; they are so intimate and personal, as well as being more comfortable for families in those first few weeks as a new parent. All you need is the light from a window and the love of new parents to make some magic. 

Have a great weekend everyone! xx