Frances & Ben

Caroline Castigliano Bride at an Idyllic Late-Summer Middleton Lodge Wedding

There's something timelessly enchanting about a classic country house wedding, and capturing this one at Middleton Lodge was wonderful in every way. The grandeur of the main house, a stunning example of Georgian elegance, set the scene for the day. I loved all the personal touches and how welcome Frances & Ben made everyone feel. It was a true pleasure capturing their Middleton Lodge wedding.

The ceremony in the main house was the highlight of the day. Frances, in her stunning Caroline Castigliano gown, embodied classic elegance. The dress, with its intricate details and flawless design, was a perfect match for the Georgian grandeur of Middleton Lodge. Walking down the sweeping staircase leading to the Grand Hall, she left an unforgettable impression on everyone, especially Ben, whose emotional reaction was a deeply touching moment. It was one of those unforgettable instances that remind me why I love capturing weddings – the unscripted, deeply personal moments that define a couple’s love story.

"Each and every photo is a work of art! You were the best decision we ever made with our wedding! We can’t thank you enough. Every day I look at them and smile. We are forever grateful that you were there and captured these memories. You are so incredibly talented!" —F&B

Real life Caroline Castigliano Bride and groom at Middleton Lodge.
Middleton Lodge Estate, country house wedding venue in the UK.
Fig House at Middleton Lodge Estate, country house wedding venue.
Luxury marquee wedding at Middleton Lodge Estate.

Their wedding, held in the serene English countryside, was the epitome of a relaxed and elegant country wedding. The reception, set in the charming ambience of The Fig House, was a delightful blend of rustic elegance and joyful celebration. Long wooden tables dressed with natural and delicate summer flowers created an atmosphere of understated beauty, mirroring the relaxed yet refined essence of the day.

Frances sent me the following message when she first saw her photos -

"You are incredible! I have just spent the last 3 hours watching your slideshows and haven’t stopped since because I just cannot get over how good these are!"

Every element of this Middleton Lodge wedding, from the Georgian grandeur of the main house to the heartfelt ceremony and the elegantly dressed tables, came together to create a day that was as beautiful as it was meaningful. It was a true privilege to be part of it and to capture the memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. I feel incredibly privileged to be chosen as their Middleton Lodge wedding photographer. 

If you're planning your own country house wedding and are drawn to the blend of elegance and emotion that such a setting can offer, I would love to be your photographer.

Venue: Middleton Lodge

Cake: Where the ribbon ends

Flowers: Ruffled Flowers

Band: Backstage Brass Band

Piano: Emma White Pianist

Dress: Caroline Castigliano 

Videographer: Papertwin Weddings