What My Couples Say

“Absolutely incredible, just so beautiful! Overwhelmingly so....words can’t describe... you got us so emotional!! You are a master story teller, master capturer of beautiful, emotional and unique, personal moments... THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! The photos are just amazing, perfect, they capture everything so wonderfully but much much much better than that. This slideshow and these photographs top everything and anything we could have ever wished for or begun to imagine, this is an incredible gift”

“I can’t imagine having anyone else there to share those special moments with us and capture them in such a beautiful way”

“Dominique captured the mood of the day perfectly and the photos are incredibly intimate. We had no idea that when we met her she would also be an incredibly focused, kind, caring, wise and supportive person. Choosing to work with Dominique was the smartest decision we made regarding the planning of our wedding, we couldn’t be happier. We will pass these on to our kids so they always stay in our family.”

“Thank you so much Dominique. Honestly, from the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful for these photos and for the love and care you've put into delivering our wedding. We're quite simply blown away. We can't watch them without crying and they have brought back so many memories of the sheer joy we felt on the day. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much for the amazing pictures, we absolutely loved watching the slide shows yesterday evening. Julian kept saying how lucky we are to have chosen you as a photographer for our wedding - and I fully agree. It is incredible how many beautiful moments you have captured (some of which I didn’t even realize during the day :)) Thank you very much for saving us all the memories!”

“Oh my goodness Dominique they are just beautiful - we’ve both been getting teary watching that! You’re so incredibly talented, you’ve captured all of the emotions from the day perfectly. We’re more grateful than I can put into words. Thank you again, we couldn’t be more pleased.”

“The photos are brimming with happiness and make us remember exactly how we felt on the day. They are so natural and you have captured our family and friends so beautifully. And thank you for the portraits of us. We loved every single second and nothing felt forced because it wasn’t! Your directions & presence were so clear & calm, and we honesty feel like you captured us, but the best looking version of us. Thank you for the most amazing opportunity to relive the day. We are overjoyed & incredibly grateful.”

“What can we say but THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! We are blown away by your storytelling and capturing so many special moments from our day. Never have I seen so many beaming faces in one album and seeing all the photos again genuinely let us re-live it. Thank you for capturing all the small moments as well as the big, you are an amazing talent and we feel so honored that you captured the day. Thank you a million times over.”

“It was just like reliving the day all over again and we were so happy all those little smiles and tears and laughter were all captured in such perfect colour and lighting by your camera! We will cherish these pictures for many years to come and will show them to anyone who will let us! I must add that your attention to detail is just impeccable. It's clear how much thought and love you've put into our photos. They're a true heirloom! I'm so happy to have found you to capture our wedding! Best decision ever!”

“Wow. I honestly don’t have enough words to thank you for these incredible photos. They are everything we could have wanted and more. The fact that you have managed to capture the true nature of us and of the day is incredible; and we are so lucky that you captured also, those little moments that would have gone unnoticed by us, but that now mean so much to see. We couldn’t have asked for better!”

“Wow! We have just sat down to watch the slide show, we laughed, cried and loved watching all the photos and reliving our wedding! You captured the day perfectly. We really do love every single one and don’t know how we will chose our favourites from such an amazing selection! We also love the coverage of the guests, seeing everyone’s reactions to the speeches and having a great time is so amazing. Thank you again for such amazing photographs and memories of our day.”

“Oh my goodness, the wait was SO worth it! These photos are absolutely stunning, they are more than we could ever have wished for! Watching them all bought tears to our eyes!”

“Oh my goodness they’re absolutely perfect! Just stunning!! We shed so many happy tears watching them!! Thank you thank you thank you for the most amazing memories. We will treasure them forever. We honestly can’t thank you enough. You’re so talented at what you do. They’re absolutely beautiful. I’d give you a massive hug right now if I could!”

“Oh my word, these slideshows are beautiful and the photos are all so amazing and you have captured our day perfectly and beautifully! Thank you so much. I very rarely like photographs of myself, and I think all of these are so lovely that I’m proud! Thank you, I can’t thank you enough honestly. I can’t wait to have copies to put up in our home! They're beautiful!”