Family enjoying an outdoor photoshoot in a sunlit field, featuring a mother, father, and two children, emphasizing the timeless value of family photography.

The Importance of Family Photography  

Preserving Memories Over The Years

As a family and portrait photographer, I often encounter the question: Is professional family photography worth it? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why. Family photographs are not just pictures; they serve as a powerful means of preserving memories. Life is filled with fleeting moments, and family photography offers a tangible way to capture those and freeze them in time. As the years pass, these images become poignant reminders of how your children have grown, evoking the emotions of becoming a parent, the unconditional love you have for your children, and the emotional journey that is parenthood. 

The photographs we capture during family portrait sessions are intended to be more than keepsakes; they are meant to become heirlooms for your children to pour over as they grow, to show their own children one day, reminding future generations of your family that your story was also the beginning of theirs.

I’d like to showcase the enduring value of family photography through the journey of Emily and Hassan, wonderful clients of mine since 2011, whose milestones and moments I have had the privilege to capture over the years—from their engagement portraits and wedding day to newborn photos of their first-born son and their growing family. 

Priceless Value of Family Photos

Capturing the Generations

It has been wonderful to document Emily and Hassan’s growing family over the past seven years. From capturing the first moments of their son Joseph’s life with his grandparents to the recent sessions with his sister and cousins, these photographs stand as a priceless reminder of the cherished stages of their lives. As children grow and change rapidly, these images serve as tangible memories, bringing the family back to those pivotal moments. I particularly enjoy including grandparents in these photos whenever possible, as this highlights the multi-generational bond and can also serve as thoughtful gifts.

The photos below were captured at their family home and serve as a wonderful record of the beginning of their parenthood journey.

Black and white photo of parents smiling and holding their newborn, showcasing intimate family photography.
Father laughing joyfully while holding his newborn son, capturing a father-child bonding via a newborn photography.
Three-generation family portrait with a grandfather holding a sleeping newborn and the father smiling beside them.
Natural newborn photography at home, featuring a mother interacting with her baby on a bed.

It’s Not Just About The Children, But Capturing All Family Connections

Emily and Hassan wished to document not just the growth of their children but also the dynamics of their extended family during their latest family session. They brought along Emily’s sister and her children, ensuring we captured the entire Russell family together. It was important for them not only to capture moments with the children but also to preserve memories of the adults together. I focused on capturing the natural moments between Emily and her parents, as well as her sister. It’s so easy to forget to document our adult relationships over time, but these images will only become more precious as the years pass. 

I met with the Russell family in a nearby field, a perfect setting now that the children are older. The open space allowed them to freely run around and have fun, which always results in wonderfully candid and natural photographs. I love to let children just be; to capture them as they are, free, uninhibited and spontaneous. I believe these images provide vibrant snapshots of this phase of their lives, helping you remember your children as they were.

"Thank you so much Dominique, we love them so much! Such beautiful images and memories to treasure always!! We’re so happy and lucky to have you...thanks to you we have the most wonderful photographs of the loveliest moments of our lives from engagement to wedding to baby"


Your Family Legacy

It is never too late to start documenting your family. As families continue to grow and evolve, the value of these photographs only increases with time. Like wedding photographs, family photos become treasured heirlooms for future generations. They preserve your story and the stories of your children, becoming more meaningful as time passes. I hope the story of Emily and Hassan’s family has illustrated the profound importance and enduring value of family photography. If you are considering a family session, I would love to connect with you and explore how we can capture these timeless moments for your family. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to begin planning your session.